day 30

every afternoon this past week, when i've dragged my germ-ridden self upstairs to get my kiddos from their naps, i've noticed this really gorgeous light filtering in through the blinds in our master bedroom and quietly laying across our bed.  it dimly registered in my tired, wrung-out brain that it would be really wonderful to try to photograph it, but i just didn't have the energy to carry my camera all the way upstairs and then also try to manage my children while playing around with it.  today, however, i'm finally feeling like a human again, and since both the big and the little woke up in good mods, i gave myself permission to go off-prompt for the last day of week 4 so i could try to reignite my desire to take pictures by experimenting with the sunshine.  still, i'm hoping for an early bedtime tonight, so instead of saying any more, i'll just jump straight to the photos from here.

happy weekend all :)