day 27

it's been a rough few days over here.  shoveling out after the blizzard this past weekend ended up taking 2 days, and even though i didn't have to help (cause my husband really is that awesome), it's still stressful knowing you can't go anywhere.  then, my littlest and i came down with a head cold, so we've had some sleepless nights and cranky days.  but, the sun decided to come out today, so that helped make things a little easier to deal with, and brought with it at least a little bit of inspiration.

all that to say, i went all the way off prompt today (except for one shot i took in an attempt to stay on task), and so this post is mostly a random collection of images that i liked well enough to keep.

first up- i caught this guy reading today.  i love little moments like this.

next, the little has learned to actually color with the markers instead of eat the markers, and he was kind enough to set up shop in some lovely morning light.

after nap time, i decided to take advantage of some of the gorgeous winter light that's been pouring into our living room every afternoon.  i was just photographing the light, but it wasn't doing it for me, so i bribed my big with some fruit snacks.  i kept more of these than i should have, but he was being goofy and he makes me laugh.

and then this one started playing in the sunshine all on his own, so i took advantage of that a little bit.

and here's my one attempt at food photography for today:

happy wednesday!