day 23

in case you're not from the northeast (or you are and you  just live under a rock), we're currently in the middle of a record breaking snowstorm.  there's something close to 30 inches of snow hanging out in my front yard (and back yard, and everywhere else in at least a 50 mile radius), not counting the additional inches that have been piled on top from the 2 times my wonderful husband went out to shovel today to try to stay on top of things.  

it's literally been snowing for the last 24 hours, which on the one hand is really cool because we have little ones who are fascinated by the snow.  but, on the other hand, it's really bad because we have little ones who are fascinated by the snow... but have no concept of the realities of snow.  like how it's cold.  and how it's wet.  and how when it's still falling and it blows on your face, it's cold and wet and it also hurts a little bit.  cause when you're 3 and your dad is creating a mt everest out of snow in your front yard, you have to go stand on top of it right now.  and when you're 1 and your big brother is suiting up to go play outside, you obviously should also be suiting up to go play outside.

we gave it an honest shot.  we really did.  but even with enough layers to toast a marshmallow and a well-dug path by daddy, our adventure out into the snow today pretty much went like this:

and this:

sidenote: i took this one handed while trying to console the child pictured in the first image.

and so after about 2 minutes, we retreated back indoors where we enjoyed watching the snow fall from the safety of our warm, snug house in nothing but our summer jammies- cause that's how we roll around here.

stay safe and warm everyone, wherever you are!