day 2

i had no real intention of writing a blog post today, but my kids are sleeping soundly (hooray!) and i have a pile of chores that needs to be procrastinated on a little longer before i can tackle them properly, so here i am.

the sun is shining with a brilliant brilliance today (see image 1 for proof), and it's appearance for the first time in 800 years (<--- only a slight exaggeration) has renewed my desire to be behind the lens.  

image 1: stuffed dinosaur, basking in the early morning sunshine

this is sort of ironic considering my interpretation of this week's theme involves me being in front of the lens (hello practice with the shutter remote), but at least i didn't have to force myself to pry my camera out of its bag this morning.  in fact, i had my camera set up in at least 5 different places this morning as we went about our normal saturday business.  it was nice to have some dramatic light to work with again, and it added an extra layer of (very welcome) challenge to the task of getting a documentary style image that included me.  

below is the most real, accurate, and honest photo i took this morning- that i came very close to not sharing because it's a photo of me first thing in the morning and, well, yikes.  buuuuut, this is what documentary photography is all about.  

this is me, as soon as i get downstairs, every morning.

in 20 years, my kids are going to look at this photo and (hopefully) laugh and say "oh yeah, remember how mom would always make her coffee as soon as we got downstairs every morning?"  and i'll look at it and say "oh my gosh, what was i thinking with those glasses?" and we'll remember.  we'll remember these mornings and these days of little sleep and lots of running feet and laughs and screams at 6 am like they were yesterday.  this photo will bring us back to what it was really like, and we'll smile as we look back and we'll be grateful for all we had when it was taken.  this photo is real life, and it's my life, and i'm thankful for it, even when it means messy hair and tired eyes and begging the coffee the brew just a little bit faster.

here's a few more documentary images from this morning that are a good representation of how my littlest has been glued to me since he weaned 10 days ago.  at one point after i stopped taking photos, i got up to use the bathroom and he had a full on meltdown.  i'm loving the extra snuggles with him, but i feel badly that he's having as much trouble with the transition as i am.

i also took a series of not-so documentary photos while i was taking advantage of the sunshine today, and even though only one of them turned out, i'm really glad i took it.

i asked my big to jump in the frame with me.  of course, he would only do it if i let him click the remote, but that made for a fun few minutes with him, and i'm fairly pleased with the result.  i don't have too many recent images of us together since he's not been much for snuggles lately, so having this one means a lot to me.

happy saturday everyone!