day 12

it's overcast and dreary here today  which means no natural hard light, but never fear- , 

we bought a night light this morning.  

my big has been having some maaaaaajor night time anxiety.  it's kind of coming out of nowhere because he's been a great sleeper for the last year and a half with the exception of the occasional nightmare.  so, we're in phase one of damage control: buy a cool night light and hope that it's sufficient in calming his fears and keeping him asleep, or at least in his bed.  i'm really hoping it keeps us from getting to phase 2, but that's another post.  anyway, the point is we went out and bought a night light this morning, which made for a great opportunity to not only take some documentary images today, but to take some documentary images that fulfill the prompt.  bam.

first i let the big explore it on his own, since it's his and all.

then i let the little take a look because his head was about to roll off with excitement.

then i let them check it out together so the big could explain to the little that he didn't have to keep blowing on it because it's actually not a candle on a birthday cake.

 except the big thought that was funny and decided to encourage it.

so then this happened...

ahhh, life with boys.  things will certainly never be dull :)