day 11

i was starting to get a little nervous about shooting for the theme this week because last week ended with such dreary, overcast weather.  hard light is also called direct light, so it's any kind of light that is shining right on your subject,making them look bright and causing harsh, dark shadows.  you can use artificial indoor lights to create hard light, but it's so much prettier (and easier to edit!) when you use sunshine.  luckily, we woke up to beautiful clear skies today, so i had my pick of plenty of hard light pouring through our back windows and doors throughout the morning.  unluckily, my children spent the majority of the day so far fighting with each other or climbing on me, so opportunities to pick up my camera were thin on the ground.  i had a few golden minutes (referring both to the light and the children) between lunch and nap where i was able to catch them playing peacefully in the warm sunshine. 

clearly my littlest wasn't so much loving that spot, but i was able to trick my big into hanging out in the light long enough to snap a few frames with some mom trickery (you totally can't drive your car all the way over to the window.  there's no way.  mahaha.)  he even let me switch up my angles.

i couldn't decide between color and black and white here.  i love how the color makes the car pop, but black and white really emphasizes the light.  decisions, decisions.

i'm participating in quite a few challenges this week, so keep an eye on my facebook page to stay up on all the action!