project 365.2, day 1

happy new year everyone!  welcome to my new little corner of the internet.  this space is (and let's be honest, will remain) a work in progress.  it took me a long time to decide that i even wanted to create this website to collect and display my work instead of remaining over at my original blog. but, a lot of prayer, soul-searching, and persuasion from those close to me helped me realize it was time to move onward and upward, so here i am :)

before i share any images, let me explain my plan for this year.  i've been kicking around for awhile how i wanted to proceed once i wrapped up my first project 365 following the bethadilly challenge.  while she's continuing on with new prompts this year, i've known for awhile now that i wanted to break away from doing a daily prompt.  while they were great last year to keep me focused and motivated, i want to have the freedom to start shooting whatever moves me so that i can work specifically on improving my documentary photography and shooting to tell a story.  the good news is, i'm not the only one who feels that way!  

over the course of the bethadilly challenge last year, this incredible community of women started to form over on instagram.  we created a facebook group to make communicating and staying in touch with one another a little more simple, and we quickly became one another's inspiration, motivation, and support system.  a few weeks ago,  a discussion started about how many members found daily shooting to be too difficult to maintain with day to day life, and so we formed our own project 52 for 2016.  one of our wonderful members took suggestions from the group and then created a list of 52 prompts- one for every week of the year- to help guide us as we continue shooting now that 2015 is over.  while many members have made it their goal to shoot at least one image a week, i have decided to continue shooting daily.  not only has it become habit for me to shoot every day, i also saw so much improvement within myself in so many different areas last year that i want to continue to use taking a photo a day as a tool for learning and growing as a photographer.

so, i'll be using our list of 52 prompts as my daily photography anchor this year.  i may occasionally wander over to bethadilly's prompts on days when inspiration is low, i'll be following along with the themes in my favorite facebook group that focuses on using different types of light when shooting, and i may even refer back to my own blog last year to re-take old prompts, but my starting point will always be our project 52.  my goal is to shoot and edit everyday, to share at least 1 image a day to my facebook page (because i have one of those now!) and instagram, and to blog here at least 3 times a week.

so, now that all that is out of the way, onto project 365, version 2.0 :)  the theme for week 1 is "me", so i'm using this as an opportunity to work on using my new remote instead of relying on the self-timer function.  i'm hoping to really improve on nailing focus (when i'm trying to achiever sharp focus, anyway!) and i'm looking forward to capturing some truly honest moments with my kids this week.