conversation starter

i took some photos today for my 365.

they were not good.

i deleted all of them.

buuuut, i still have a deep rooted need to share a daily photo.

so, i thought i’d take this opportunity to share a new collaboration i’m starting with one of my very most favorite photographers, melissa hines. she is talented and brilliant and always comes up with the best ways for us to work together to help grow ourselves as artists (and humans).

this summer, we plan on having a conversation with one another entirely through photos.


how cool is that?

i kicked us off earlier this week by sending her this shot:


and now i’m sitting over here eagerly waiting to see what her response is.

i’ll be blogging our conversation from time to time, with all of the previous images included so you can follow along.

it’s going to be a good summer :)

celebrating charlie

two weekends ago, i had the pleasure of photographing “baby charlie”’s (as he is affectionately known around our home) fourth birthday party.


i remember the day charlie was born, with his thick blond hair with the little front cowlick.


i remember the day charlie was two pink lines, and his momma told me about the answer to their prayers as i snuggled and nursed my own little new one.


i remember when charlie was a wish in his momma’s heart, and we talked and dreamed and hoped about the journey she had ahead.


i remember when charlie’s momma and daddy got married, and the immensity of their love and joy and anticipation of everything their future held as they said i do.


i remember when charlie’s momma walked into my life, and her friendship transformed me and lifted me up and brought me back from somewhere i had gotten lost without knowing it until i was found again.


her beautiful heart is in his sweet soul. the light that shines from her eyes shines from his too. her kindness and concern for others, her love of animals and God’s creation, her heart on her sleeve- all these things she has given to charlie, and in these last four years they have grown and expanded in him and created a little one so vibrant and full of life that you can’t help but smile when you are with him.


charlie, you are a precious gift to your momma and daddy, to your friends and family, and to anyone who is fortunate enough to cross your path. what an honor it was for me to be one more soul welcomed into your home overflowing with love and company to celebrate your four years with us.


here’s to all that you are and all that you will be. happy birthday :)