meet the photographer

hi :) i’m liz. it’s possible you’ve read the “about” section on my website already, but if you’re anything like me, you totally haven’t, and i don’t really blame you. when i go to a photographer’s website, i like to look at, you know… photographs. and if you’re on my site, i’d prefer for you to spend most of your time looking at mine. but, sometimes it’s nice to know a little bit about the person you’re hiring to photograph you, so i thought i’d jump on here and say hey.

a basic summary of who i am/what i do: i’m a jesus loving, 30-something mom of three beautiful boys (almost 6, 4, and 1). my husband works his tail off to provide for us so that i can stay home and homeschool them. this is our first year and i’m terrified of homeschooling but i’m also loving it with my whole heart even though i am drop dead exhausted at the end of every day. we just moved into a house 3x bigger than anything i ever pictured us in- but that’s because we bought it with my mom and dad and i absolutely cannot wait until they move in. it’s unconventional, but so are we and i’m so looking forward to the years ahead of us here together. i’ve loved photography for a long time, but i started seriously pursuing it almost exactly 4 years ago, when my second born was about 3 months old. i’m completely self taught and firmly believe that i will never ever know everything there is to know about this or any other thing and somehow that keeps me motivated to keep learning as much as i can.

there’s a few reasons i’m doing this post tonight. first- i haven’t blogged since march. maaaaaaaarch. that’s a stupid long time. and now that fall is here, i’m going to have lots of beautiful sessions with lots of beautiful people that i’m going to want to show off, which means i’m actually really for real this time going to start blogging again. really. and i thought this would be a good way to kick that off.

second- i enjoy writing, and i miss doing it, so here we go. words. that i have written.

third- after much hesitation and internal struggle/debate, i took this photo today:

DSC_0968 (2).jpg

^ that’s me. in all my mom glory. headband, glasses, crusty sweats because all three of my kids are sick with the head cold i’m still kind of recovering from. i absolutely knew i wanted to do an intro post, and i absolutely knew i wanted to include a self portrait so you could put a face to my name if you don’t already know me, but i absolutely intended to wait to take it and post until the next day i could put on make up. or blow dry my hair. or get more than 3 hours of sleep the night before and then, you know, shower.

but here’s the thing. i currently do traditional portrait sessions, and i’ll probably always do traditional portrait sessions because i do enjoy them and i know people value and enjoy having posed, “everybody say cheese” photos on their walls. the truth though, is that my new mission is to convince every single one of you that you don’t want to hire me to take your portrait. you want to hire me to come document your life. and that means i show up at your house and you just do life like you would if i wasn’t there, except i am and i’m taking pictures of it because it is so much more awesome than you realize. but how can i ask you all to let me photograph you as you are if i don’t do the same? so even though this is posed, and even though i cheesed for the camera, this is still me, as i am, during my normal every day. sometimes i clean up and look nice and have on clothing that coordinates (and fits), but this is more honest. and i’m big on honesty.

so if you visit this space over the coming months, there’s (hopefully, ha!) going to be some posts with nicely posed families that are smiling and looking at me surrounded by a beautiful natural backdrop. but there’s also going to be some talk about why documenting is just as important (or if you ask me, more important) than just taking portraits. so get ready :)