beach weekend

this post is going to be short on words and long on photos. i love writing, and i haven’t been doing much of it lately, but what my soul has really been craving is to create beautiful, real, life-full photos. photos of the world outside of our own four walls. the photos i create inside our four walls are, of course, important and meaningful and i treasure them, but the artist in me has been longing for more. for different. for fresh and alive and vibrant.

we went to the beach last month with our very best friends and i went into the weekend determined to capture it in a way i haven’t quite managed yet in all the years we’ve been going with them. i’ve taken photos while we’ve been down there with them before, but usually i come home with 20-30 image series of maybe 5 or 6 different scenes from the entire weekend. there’s no story. not much feeling or connection. i’ve made photos on our summer weekends away that i love, but they don’t cohesively tell the story of our time away.

so i decided to change that this year.

here’s the story of our beach weekend.