back to video

when i went to click away a few weeks ago, i took two classes on shooting and editing video. i’ve been wanting to get better at creating videos for awhile now, but somewhere in the chaos of homeschooling and raising three kids and moving and just life, i lost my spark. while i was in california, i could feel my creativity reigniting, and i got on the plane to come home with big ideas to create some new videos.

and then i got home, and everything just… fizzled. every time i sat down at my computer to compile any clips i had managed to take, i just felt overwhelmed and i let myself shut down. i felt frustrated and flat and i kept telling myself that if i couldn’t make something GREAT- why bother making anything at all?

here’s the thing though- that’s dumb. i read an article not too long ago about how when you start out creating something new, there’s going to be a gap between where you start out and when you’re good at it- and the only way to fill that gap is to make stuff. the bridge from new to expert is built with mediocre work that becomes progressively less mediocre the longer the bridge becomes.

so yesterday, i decided to stop overthinking and start building my bridge. video by video, i’m going to keep working on creating stories about my family that go beyond photos, so that one day i’ll be able to create stories about your families that go beyond photos as well.