I believe in the love of the Lord, the importance of authenticity, the comfort (and often necessity) of a hot cup of coffee, the power of kind words, and the intense beauty of our real and imperfect lives.

About The Photographer

I'm a teacher turned mom turned photographer who lives in Berks County, PA with my husband and three young sons.  I have always been an artist of one kind or another, at different times pursuing drawing, sewing, crocheting, piano, and most recently before picking up my camera, pottery.  While I had a casual interest in photography in high school and college, I didn't choose to learn it as a craft until after my second son was born in July of 2014.  It was then that I realized that photography would not only fulfill my creative side, but it would also help me to preserve the precious but short years of motherhood that I was navigating, and so in January of 2015 I took a leap of faith and began a project 365.  Since then, God has taken me places with my camera that are beyond anything I ever could have hoped for.  I continue taking daily photos of my own family to ensure that I never stop learning and growing as an artist, and am deeply grateful for the chance to photograph the lives of those who trust me with capturing their most precious memories.


Why Four Dots?

I have always felt that one of the greatest legacies we can leave behind us is our stories. My photography is all about capturing the beautiful moments of our everyday lives to help us pass our stories on to our families. And, since my dad is mostly responsible for my passion for photography, I decided to name my photography business after his favorite childhood story:

My dad grew up in a large family with 10 brothers and sisters.  Not surprisingly, his mother developed a lot of tricks to make her life easier.  The most infamous of these is the simple dot system she used for keeping track of everyone's clothing in order to streamline the process of sorting the multitudes of laundry she did. My dad's clothing was always labeled with four dots, until he got old enough to pass his things down to my uncle.  It was a label he recollects with great fondness- he even put four dots on his mortarboard when he graduated.

It's a story he loves to recount when they're together as a family, along with so many others.  And so, I decided to join in telling his story as I works to tell mine, and the stories of others, through photographs that capture the true beauty of life as it really is.