5 minutes of july

i have been waiting months- no exaggeration here- for peach season to arrive.  one of my very favorite things to do in the summer time with my kids is head to our local orchard every few weeks to load up on whatever fruit happens to be in season, but peaches?  peaches are the pinnacle of my summer.  

now that i'm 9 months pregnant, i was worried that i wouldn't make it out this year because the start of the season lines up so closely with my due date.  plus, it's been wildly hot and i don't have the stamina to walk around outside for 45 minutes picking fruit while keeping track of my super enthusiastic kiddos.  

this morning though, we woke up to a forecast of cloudy skies and a high of 77 (!!!), so on a whim i checked the orchard's website to see if maybe the peaches had ripened up over the weekend- and they had!  i rushed the boys through breakfast and then loaded them up with our peach picking buckets and off we went for a morning of peachy, breezy, summer time bliss.

they filled 2 buckets (which came out to around 13 pounds) in under 10 minutes.  i see some peach pie in our future :)

happy summer everyone- keep circling around to see what eve rashid captured in her 5 minutes this month!