5 minutes of april

april has been a good month around here.  our spirits have risen with the return of the sunshine and warm weather.  we've been getting out of the house more often, and when we've had to stay in, we've still been able to open the windows to let in the fresh air and the songs the birds are singing for us.

there's been much adventuring as we remember what it's like to not be stuck inside with one another all day every day.  we had a chance to wade in the creek on our first 80 degree day, we found dandelion puffs to scatter, bought a new jar of bubbles to blow (and also spill all over the yard/deck/driveway), and went puddle jumping on the rainy grey days.

spring has been treating us well.  hope it's been treating you well too :)

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5 minutes of march

it was another bizarre month in terms of weather around here.  temperatures swung from as high as the 70s all the way down to the teens, and at one point we even got 18+ inches of snow over the course of 12 hours.  we were lucky enough to end the month on a high note though- the sun came out and the temperatures rose and we got to spend 2 and a half glorious hours tearing around our favorite new playground with our friends.  here's a 5 minute glimpse of our morning :)

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5 minutes of february

as we moved into the month of february, i prepared myself for the long awaited arrival of winter.  it's been unusually mild this year, so i continue to brace myself for plunging temperatures and depths of snow.  february had something a little different in mind for us though, and instead has brought us the month of four seasons.  we've had bitter cold winter temperatures, blustery windy fall-like days, never ending rainy days reminiscent of spring, and then, out of nowhere, a day that felt as though summer drove up from the south and decided to make itself comfortable for awhile.

not that i'm complaining.  after spending weeks inside hiding from the wind or the rain or the cold, we were all more than happy to shed our jackets (and our shoes) and drink in the sunshine and soft breeze.

here's to spring- may it get here quickly and make itself at home :)

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