5 minutes of october

i've never been a huge halloween fan.  as a kid, i enjoyed it because 1. candy and 2. fun costumes, but that was where my love for it ended.  i don't like being scared, and i really don't like walking around in the dark while pretending i'm not freezing cold.

i do, however, have very fond memories of the days leading up to halloween, when my family would make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, spend an hour arguing over the best pumpkin, and finally come home with the biggest one my dad could carry (and some extra little ones that we could each manage on our own).  and then, we would carve.  my brothers and i would take turns drawing the faces we wanted onto construction paper, and then my dad would copy those faces (as best as you can copy the doodles of a 5 year old) onto the pumpkin's face- but only after we took our turns emptying the insides of our pumpkins with much excitement and exclaiming.  and once the faces were carved and the candles were lit- magic.

i've mostly lost that sense of magic when it came to this holiday over the past few years.  i suspect it has a lot to do with getting older and seeing the more practical side of things, but also the distance away from the experience of magic caused it to evaporate more quickly from my memory as well.  luckily for me, i have children who help to pull those years back from the far reaches of my heart and bring those memories to the forefront of my mind.  this was the first year that they were really enthralled by the magic of the jack o'lantern, and it brought it all tumbling back for me.  it's amazing the power our children have to do that for us, especially when they have no idea at all how magnificent it is for us to experience our own childhoods all over again through them.  it's my new favorite kind of magic.

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5 minutes of july

i have been waiting months- no exaggeration here- for peach season to arrive.  one of my very favorite things to do in the summer time with my kids is head to our local orchard every few weeks to load up on whatever fruit happens to be in season, but peaches?  peaches are the pinnacle of my summer.  

now that i'm 9 months pregnant, i was worried that i wouldn't make it out this year because the start of the season lines up so closely with my due date.  plus, it's been wildly hot and i don't have the stamina to walk around outside for 45 minutes picking fruit while keeping track of my super enthusiastic kiddos.  

this morning though, we woke up to a forecast of cloudy skies and a high of 77 (!!!), so on a whim i checked the orchard's website to see if maybe the peaches had ripened up over the weekend- and they had!  i rushed the boys through breakfast and then loaded them up with our peach picking buckets and off we went for a morning of peachy, breezy, summer time bliss.

they filled 2 buckets (which came out to around 13 pounds) in under 10 minutes.  i see some peach pie in our future :)

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5 minutes of june

i am so, so, so happy that summer is here.  we've been spending pretty much all of our time outside, and it has been nothing short of amazing.

one of my very most favorite things to do with the kids when we're done climbing all over the jungle gym at our local playground is to go down and play in the creek that runs through the park.  it's shallow enough for them to be able to wade comfortably, but deep enough to have lots of little fish swimming around and plenty for them to explore.  here's 5 minutes of one of our creek visits this month :)

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5 minutes of april

april has been a good month around here.  our spirits have risen with the return of the sunshine and warm weather.  we've been getting out of the house more often, and when we've had to stay in, we've still been able to open the windows to let in the fresh air and the songs the birds are singing for us.

there's been much adventuring as we remember what it's like to not be stuck inside with one another all day every day.  we had a chance to wade in the creek on our first 80 degree day, we found dandelion puffs to scatter, bought a new jar of bubbles to blow (and also spill all over the yard/deck/driveway), and went puddle jumping on the rainy grey days.

spring has been treating us well.  hope it's been treating you well too :)

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5 minutes of february

as we moved into the month of february, i prepared myself for the long awaited arrival of winter.  it's been unusually mild this year, so i continue to brace myself for plunging temperatures and depths of snow.  february had something a little different in mind for us though, and instead has brought us the month of four seasons.  we've had bitter cold winter temperatures, blustery windy fall-like days, never ending rainy days reminiscent of spring, and then, out of nowhere, a day that felt as though summer drove up from the south and decided to make itself comfortable for awhile.

not that i'm complaining.  after spending weeks inside hiding from the wind or the rain or the cold, we were all more than happy to shed our jackets (and our shoes) and drink in the sunshine and soft breeze.

here's to spring- may it get here quickly and make itself at home :)

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5 minutes of january

one of the new personal projects i'm undertaking this year is a blog circle with a group of ridiculously talented women, many of whom i've been following for the last year or longer (i'm a little excited to be joining in on this, is what i'm saying here).  the goal of the project is to tell the stories of our families, but with one catch- we can only shoot for 5 minutes, and then we need to put the camera down.

i was eager to take on this challenge when i was first invited to join the group, but of course throughout the course of this month, i really struggled with finding something to shoot.  eventually i told myself to stop overthinking it, and as soon as i did, a moment beautifully presented itself (as they so often do).  here's my 5 minutes of january :)

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