5 minutes of august

august has been a little hectic around here since we welcomed our newest addition- a third boy!- to our family at the end of july.  it's been a wonderful kind of hectic, but still, chaos has definitely ensued following his arrival.  before he was born, i was able to get myself and my older two dressed, fed, and out the door to wherever we wanted to be by 9:30 on any given morning.  now, i'm lucky to be able to have us up and out by 11 am- which is usually when we would start prepping lunches before.  every day i find myself bewildered at how time just slips through our fingers now as our day disappears before we have a chance to accomplish anything beyond settling sibling feuds and cleaning spit up off every surface within a 3 foot radius of the baby.

in order to reconcile this major change in how our day to day flows now, i decided i'd spread my 5 minutes out over the course of our getting dressed portion of the morning to find out why it actually takes so darn long.  seeing it laid out in front of me, i'm not really all that surprised it takes us 3 hours to get things moving.

i always start off by nursing the baby before i get him dressed so he can spit up on his jammies before i put him in fresh clothes.  we're almost always interrupted at least once by at least one big brother, which typically leads to having to refocus and restart.

then i send the big kids to get dressed while i get the little one dressed, but again, interruptions are common and frequent.  this morning, the middle forgot how to pull up his pants.

once the littles are dressed, it's my turn to try to put something on that isn't made of flannel, fleece, or held up with a drawstring.  unfortunately, this is also the time that the big brothers start to get bored with their toys and each other and remember how fun their baby is, especially now that he's not crying because i've spent 10-20 minutes getting him calm and content.

today, they decided he needed a monster hat to match his outfit.  and when that didn't work out, they smothered him with hugs, kisses, and toys instead.

and there you have it, a small glimpse at why we're never going to be on time for anything ever again.  forgive me ;)

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