5 minutes of january

one of the new personal projects i'm undertaking this year is a blog circle with a group of ridiculously talented women, many of whom i've been following for the last year or longer (i'm a little excited to be joining in on this, is what i'm saying here).  the goal of the project is to tell the stories of our families, but with one catch- we can only shoot for 5 minutes, and then we need to put the camera down.

i was eager to take on this challenge when i was first invited to join the group, but of course throughout the course of this month, i really struggled with finding something to shoot.  eventually i told myself to stop overthinking it, and as soon as i did, a moment beautifully presented itself (as they so often do).  here's my 5 minutes of january :)

now make sure you continue around the circle to see how eve documented her 5 minutes this month over at photos by eve rashid!